Water Is The Planet's Critical Resource

We want to transform our water resources work to be effective in less than 20 years, by refocusing our vision for the future on how to promote inclusive and resilient water resource management. The conference will focus on the evolving relationship between Iowa's water system and the environment, and what our future could hold if we continue on our current course. Our team is trained by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. This effort is focused on training the next generation of water resource management leaders in Iowa and across the country. portrayal These factors include water quality, water availability, water resource availability and the impact of climate change on the environment. All these factors are subject to change and we will continue to monitor them and make adjustments if necessary. The first planning for the Autumn conference is based on information, restrictions, and forecasts available until June. Participants should expect an increase in the number of participants and the amount of water available during the conference. In the "Unaffordable Water" tour, we invite the Bucket Brigades to participate in the water supply and distribution to the grassroots organizers. Along a 4-mile stretch of the Detroit Riverfront, you will explore public facilities that boast a variety of playgrounds and interpretative and educational elements that show how urban rainwater is treated.

Nationwide Water Crisis

Participants should expect an increase in the number of participants and the amount of water consumed during the conference, as well as a reduction in water consumption. The Flint Water Crisis shows that there is a serious problem with drinking water quality in Flint, Michigan. image This tour will provide a brief history of the crisis while highlighting the progress in recovery by visiting a variety of water treatment and distribution facilities in the Flint area. Please note that the excursion starts at 1.30 p.m. from the hotel and participants in excursions on Wednesday cannot participate in the afternoon workshop. The Iowa Water Conference's planning committee is planning posters that address the issues at this year's conference. The general poster session is an opportunity for researchers, water experts and students to present projects to conference participants. For more information about the poster sessions and a list of posters on the Iowa Water Conference website, please visit the Flickr page. If you would like to recommend a poster for the general poster session of the Iowa Water Conference, please see a list of posters up for discussion below. The Iowa Water Conference Planning Committee is open to proposals that address the issues at this year's conference. The proposals adopted are asked to include at least one slide on the subject of their proposal. Proposals that are not directly related will only be considered by the Committee if they present innovative and novel ideas that are new or that advance the issue and emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork. The meeting will include the possibility of voting on resolutions and other issues in a closed session without public comment at the end of the session. WI Land & Water is offering sponsorship opportunities for the conference to support the ongoing efforts of the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WLCA).

Sponsors for Spring Conference

If you are interested in sponsoring the Spring conference, please contact the WCLCA. Mark your calendar for the first day of the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WLCA) Water Conference on Saturday, July 14, when Green Bay will host a two-day conference on water conservation in Wisconsin. Every March, WI Land and Water hosts its annual conference, which provides a space to discuss programs, practices and new ideas with colleagues, build technical knowledge and rekindle passion for conservation in our country. The conference will provide an opportunity for a wide range of lectures, presentations, workshops and discussions on water conservation and nature conservation issues. graphic The Iowa Water Conference is a collaboration between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. This inaugural event in 2006 combined several existing conferences to coordinate research and management. The conference is intended to bring together multidisciplinary organizations and institutions to discuss relevant water issues in Iowa. Today's conference attracted more than 400 attendees and is still striving to capture the entire Iowa water landscape, including the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Sales continue and we are expanding the number of events and scope of the conference, as well as the variety of speakers and events. Part of the proceeds from the conference will be used for the Leo Bourassa Student Scholarship Program.